Cheers, from my little family to yours! XO-Bonnie      Photo Credit: SSH Photography, LLC

Cheers, from my little family to yours! XO-Bonnie

Photo Credit: SSH Photography, LLC

Hey, hey! I am Bonnie Holt Logsdon, a Registered Dietitian (RD), International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Certified Lactation Educator™ (CLE©) through CAPPA and a DONA trained birth doula with over fifteen years of experience in practice. I am grateful and happy to be supporting Louisville and Southern Indiana families during the prenatal and postpartum period for both nutrition and breastfeeding support.

From belly to birth to breast, I am here for you! Supporting families during this critical and emotional time in their lives is such important work that I do not take lightly! I decided to call my practice The Baby's Voice because I truly believe that our babies are using their "voice" to tell us what they need. And what they need is you, mama! Your touch, voice, smell and the taste of your breastmilk is all they want and need. I promise to provide support in a compassionate,  judgment-free way to meet you where you are and help you meet your breastfeeding or nutrition goals.

When I am not doing this job that I love, I am spending time with my husband and our three year old son. We have traveled the world together and now enjoy time with our happy, yappy nursing toddler. He is our greatest adventure and keeps us on our toes and laughing! In my free time I enjoy quality time with family and friends, cooking and experimenting with new foods from around the world, traveling and visiting as many National Parks as possible!

Payment Policies & HIPAA Notice

This is the most recent version of my full policies and procedures is available on request.  My website terms, conditions, and privacy policies can be found here.


The client agrees they are responsible for all charges associated with the visit. There is a 50% cancellation fee for any appointment cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Travel outside of 20 miles from zip code 40203 will incur a $30 fee. Any travel over one hour from that zip code will incur an additional $0.50/mile fee. Travel fees are not eligible for insurance reimbursement.

Weather Policy: You and your babe are important to me. In the event of bad weather or the roads are unsafe, I reserve the right to reschedule our appointment/class/training/workshop/group.

The fee is $150 for the initial home visit/$120 for a home visit follow-up/ $100 for an office visit, payable via credit card, Paypal, Venmo, cash or check. If you are using a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) payment card, please be aware that even if your payment goes through and is authorized at the time that we run your card, there is a possibility that your payment could later be denied. In the event of this happening, you are responsible for ensuring that full payment is made by other means. If you have more than one baby, the additional fee for each additional baby is $20 for each visit. Continued support beyond the included 2 weeks of unlimited Email/text/secure messaging support is available for an additional fee of $25/week and is not eligible for insurance reimbursement. I will supply a Lactation Superbill upon request but this does not guarantee reimbursement.

Bonnie Logsdon may communicate with my insurance company in reference to the services provided to me and my baby or babies. Bonnie Logsdon may communicate with my credit card company or bank for any payment related matters. It is my responsibility to provide accurate and current payment and insurance information.

Notice of Payment Policies (c) BHL The Baby’s Voice 2019



The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law designed to protect your privacy whenever your health care providers (like the lactation consultant) have to discuss your case, or send information about you to different offices. I have to keep a file to record our consult – but I promise that the private, protected health information (PHI) in it will be kept confidential.

I can freely share all the details of your protected health information for purposes of “treatment, payment and health care operations.” That means I can talk to you about your situation, and discuss it with your other health care providers. If you are referred to other specialists, I can send the information on to them. I can also share information with your health insurance company if they need it. The law also requires me to share your information under other, very precise situations: for example, if a subpoena has been served on me, to turn over medical records ... or a federal agency is investigating a complaint that I have not been protecting your privacy.

Any other time I share your personal health information, it has to be with your specific authorization: you have to okay it, in writing, first. For example, you may want me to send information about your consultation to the Human Resources Dept. where you work, so they can pay you back under their workplace lactation support program. When you do give me permission to turn over information about you, I can give out only the minimum amount of information needed to get the job done. Under HIPAA, I can call or write you to remind you to come back for an appointment, or to tell you how you can get a product or service that might interest you and your family.

You have four rights under HIPAA:
(1) Access (you can ask the lactation consultant to see all the PHI she has about you);
(2) Amendment (you can ask the lactation consultant to change her files to amend inaccurate PHI);
(3) Disclosure Accounting (you can ask to whom the lactation consultant has given your PHI) and
(4) Restriction Request (you can put limits on the lactation consultant’s use and sharing of your PHI).

My duty under to HIPAA is to give you this notice, so you understand I have promised to keep your private health information confidential. If I change this notice in the future, I’ll give you a new copy.

I am the Privacy Officer for my one-person company. My name and phone no. are Bonnie Logsdon, (270) 202-9545. I will answer your questions or concerns about how I protect the privacy of your health information. You can complain if you think your privacy hasn’t been protected by the lactation consultant. I am the Privacy Officer, so first you’d have to complain to me ... and I have a duty to try to patch things up. I can’t penalize you for making a complaint. If I don’t address your complaint adequately, you can go over my head to the Office of Civil Rights of the federal Health and Human Services Dept., to ask that a formal investigation be made. You can get all the details from them on how to file a complaint. You can’t go to court and sue me over a HIPAA violation -- but you can ask HHS to investigate.

Notice of Privacy Practices- (c) BHL The Baby’s Voice 2019